Well, due to my busy semester, my application filled spring semester, and general inability to stay updated here, I'll simply explain the last 15 weeks in one-word sentences (or proper nouns). Go!

Reorientation. Finality. Commuting. Bomb-Threats. Disruptions. Pitt. Speech. Beach. Brewing. Umberger. Boston. Conferences. Hot Dogs. Syracuse. George Washington. Abroad. Hope. Communications. Jon Stewart. Bookstore. Flower Flats. Commencement. Sparkles. Balochistan. 95%. Deutsch. Rum. Oakmont Bakery. Georgetown. American. Running. Loans. Falafel. Honey Hefeweizens. Scoville. Oakmont. EPLO. Church Beer. Obama. Pakistan. Victor. Chicago Style. UPG. Nationalism. Belgium. Ledeganck. Salem's. Denver. International Security. Dino's. Guns. Real-Life. Dozen. Burnt Almond Torte. Nutella. Web-Threats. Graduation. KDKA. Economist. The Porch. Jewish Sandwiches. Poland. Punta Cana. Candied Bacon. Our IPA. Altmire. Biking. Bacevich. Washington DC. Money. Busing. Dominican Republic. Books. Military-Industrial-Complex. Busy. Booked. Musical. Red Velvet Donut. Breakfast Stouts. Rochester. GRE's. Trees. Dirt. Liaisons. Intern. BBQ. Ricotta. Flemish Poetry. Waffles. Thrown Forward. Taibo. Final. Ending. Done. LIFE.

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