I can honestly say that the past month has gone by remarkably fast. In fact, fast may be the wrong adjective to use. I'm headed off to a brand new city doing quite important, exciting work with regard to two very interesting and mutually intertwined institutions. It's awesome, both degrees get to be used, I get to espouse and put to use all those hours learning about international theory and terms, and can actually throw those words around in meaningful settings. Next, I get to talk a lot, perform some outreach, and such. All around a good deal. But my employment is one thing, and this blog it will not be announced on. Rather, this blog will perform its same duty as it did a continent away (does the Internets know miles?). I'll be eating, traveling, running, and exploring Washington DC. Talk about monument, museum, young-centered, and happening place! To say the least, I'll be right back at it, and not one moment too soon, as I am about three feet under with transplanting trees and carrying out flowers to people's cars. Bagging mulch, SEE YOU LATER! (Hopefully never, because a) I'll be looking for more 'degree' oriented jobs and b) I freaking hate mulch, both as it sits there and what it is.)

Now, about that above-seen picture. It's from Pittsburgh's foremost Waffle-shop, Waffleonia. Decadent...Yes...Gooey Denseness...Sure...Nutella Ice Cream with Speculoos Pasta...Affirmative. It easily rivaled my past experiences met Wafels in Maastricht. Whomever, or wherever this place got it's recipe, whether it is from personal experience or savvy Googling, they hit it right on. Wafels van Luik with no local additions or crazy Pittsburgh injections....nice. Now, if I could only get back there to have one in the proper setting.....

I can say I truly went "dahntahn" for one of my last week's here. I 'et' and did some 'walkin',' had an 'ahn' and perused the 'Strip' and 'Sawside.' With extraterrestrial-like weather, why not? I loaded up on a sandwich with way to much on it, but more importantly, went to Wholey's, by far the best place to get fried sea-critters. I had a deep-fried softshell crab sandwich that was itching my palate since last summer. To say it was like a lost desert hiker finally getting a cold water after two weeks would be an understatement. The city of bridges and steel to the city of white columns and suits & ties. I like to say that I'll be enjoying running around our nation's monuments, and most likely hitting a few Smithsonian's along the way, not too mention most probable (100% assured, but I like that hint of improbability) trips to DC's best libations and edible fare spots. Exciting times in Aaron-high. All I can say is I'm ready for this n'at!

(And, because of this change, I will, as my title suggests, making a radical change from an ambivalent, frustrated, and never-set Pirate watcher [NOT A FAN--at least since they got rid of Freddy Sanchez] into a new, fresh, Strasburg intrigued and Harper rooting fiend. Finally, a legitimate way to shrug them Buccos off!)

Well, due to my busy semester, my application filled spring semester, and general inability to stay updated here, I'll simply explain the last 15 weeks in one-word sentences (or proper nouns). Go!

Reorientation. Finality. Commuting. Bomb-Threats. Disruptions. Pitt. Speech. Beach. Brewing. Umberger. Boston. Conferences. Hot Dogs. Syracuse. George Washington. Abroad. Hope. Communications. Jon Stewart. Bookstore. Flower Flats. Commencement. Sparkles. Balochistan. 95%. Deutsch. Rum. Oakmont Bakery. Georgetown. American. Running. Loans. Falafel. Honey Hefeweizens. Scoville. Oakmont. EPLO. Church Beer. Obama. Pakistan. Victor. Chicago Style. UPG. Nationalism. Belgium. Ledeganck. Salem's. Denver. International Security. Dino's. Guns. Real-Life. Dozen. Burnt Almond Torte. Nutella. Web-Threats. Graduation. KDKA. Economist. The Porch. Jewish Sandwiches. Poland. Punta Cana. Candied Bacon. Our IPA. Altmire. Biking. Bacevich. Washington DC. Money. Busing. Dominican Republic. Books. Military-Industrial-Complex. Busy. Booked. Musical. Red Velvet Donut. Breakfast Stouts. Rochester. GRE's. Trees. Dirt. Liaisons. Intern. BBQ. Ricotta. Flemish Poetry. Waffles. Thrown Forward. Taibo. Final. Ending. Done. LIFE.