Before I start writing about anything, I must simply say this; that Old Ebbitt Grill a block from the White House exudes DC cuisine. Not expensive, yet a little daunting due to the mahogany everything, beast heads, and seemingly endless droves of pin-stripe suited offiziellen that come tromping through the door, only to find out that they still have to wait on their reserved table. Personally, I've been born again, and in the shape of lump crab. From the Bethesda Crab Shack, to singular, yet dense and expertly crabbed up tower sitting in between plain green beans and a potato (and a potato, I must say, which is astonishing crispy, old-bay seasoned potato). First official restaurant stop was a success, with, of course, many more to follow.

I"ve also can say that I've tasted DC. First because I got a (nasty) swig of it as I dunked my head in the Georgetown Waterfront Park giant squirting fountain. A task that I will now forever execute with more caution. (But hey, I was hot as I ran past, and no one was messing around, so what's one to do?). Second, I ingested a beer not necessarily to my liking.....I blame our Scandinavian (Swedish??) waitress who didn't know the beers and I believe screwed up what I want. But, anyhoo I ended up getting a hoppy monstrosity from DC Brau, some local guys up north. Not my favorite, but I can say I've been DC baptized (see 1st picture below)

(The 2nd pic is from the apt, the World Bank literally keeps me up at night because they leave all the lights on, I mean bailing out the world's developing countries is one thing, but be sustainable! ; And I was elated to find stroopwafels chilling in a grocery store...just in time for a 1-0 Denmark-Holland loss.....)

I love running, and one thing I love more than moving fast is running on level terrain with minimal hazards. I have found that this city presents both. Much better than the hurried, annoying, "hey cars have the right-of-way-right? drivers of Pittsburgh. Oh and did I mention there are barely hills here? Nothing but straight lines, random memorial parks, and hidden monuments for me to get distracted by. I've ran Arlington, I've ran the Jefferson Tidal Basin, I've ran fast, I've ran slow, I've run past Karl Rove (twice, in different places). So about a week in, and I've founder runners heaven. Plus, I don't look like a tourist, I mean what overachievers would workout during a vacation? Another great thing is that if you catch the stoplights right, one can have almost a full day to cross them. I could practically lay down, and crab walk across the 6 laned Pennsylvania Avenue, and still have a ton of time left over for lunch. But, of course, you hit it wrong, and you have to start the whole running thing all over again. (Body goes, "Huh?").

Lastly, talk about a young city. And eine deustche Stadt. There are as many interns milling about as there are German restaurants. I'd have to say that if you come from DC, your ancestory goes something like, "Well I've got a little German, a little something else from somewhere in Europe, and about a quarter from Internistan." Literally, everywhere, The Hill, on the Mall, sipping at Starbucks, in the elevators, at the pizza places (oh no, those are people who don't work for the government, but do get a paycheck).  I can say I am peachy-keen here. It's a young town full of people obsessed with running, and has about as a diverse culinary spread as you'll find. I think it'll be a great summer. Oh, and did I mention I had a chorizo-black bean-rice emapanada the size of a small rabbit?

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