Well, I finally lost it. It has been 22 years now, but it is gone. It was taken away like so many others. It happened during the day, on the corner of 17th & K St., in the view of everyone, under a shady tree. It was hot, sweet, and sloppy. But, I did fine lose that card, to a yellow truck that specializes in meaty sandwiches. Yes, I lost my food-truck virginity. And I lost it to THE BEST brisket has ever sat between two white buns.
The day was typical. Hot, sweaty, steamy, and the sidewalks were crowded. However, on a trip back from a meeting, I thought it was time to lose it. So, it happened, right there among interns, businessmen, and people asking for change, to a bright yellow truck (DCBBQ)serving up BBQ Brisket with #5 Sauce (a rich, creamy, heavenly BBQ sauce that was smoky and mmmmmhhhhhhmmmmmm so good). Of course, my love for beans was also fixed, as I also ate a side of their BBQ beans, and let me say, it was thick, juicy, not too fatty, and made me completely doubt the usefulness and feasibility of sit-down restaurants......oh yea.....they are air conditioned and you don't have to sit on the ground where every homeless person calls "bed." But with such possibilities, with the endless Chinese and Kabob trucks, one even serving up Afghani fare (I guess we should at least try the cuisine of the countries we invade...), and a fanatical love for tacos. Now see here is where I arrive at a massive dilemma. To eat or not to eat? It is no secret that anything, and I mean practically anything, to me, is quite delightful between, in, on top of, or around a pita/soft shell tortilla/naan. But the real problem lies in the fact that I can eat so much of it. I like my tacos fully loaded, meat, beans, sour cream, lettuce, onion, salsa, guacamole, cheese, and well, I am unsure as to whether I would have to go bankrupt to actually get full from a truck, I question whether those little trucks have enough resources to satisfy my insatiable "below the Rio Grande" hunger for meat and beans on a tortilla.

(<<<<<Where I lost it!)  So, even though one truck looks extremely promising, where there is always a line, I believe I may have to digress, and go to a restaurant down the road for $0.50 taco night. I'll gladly slap down a ten dollar bill and see what happens, which, if I go through my history of taco ingesting, is a full belly, sloppy hands, and an absolute look of disgust by all those around me. Heck as long as I am happy!

Another thing that this town absolutely is head over heals for besides tacos and cupcakes (see previous posts), are crepes. Now I can already cook up a mean crepe and my pancake making skills are pretty epic and adventurous. Bacon pancakes? Please. Almond/nutella/oatmeal with apple-honey syrup? C'mon, that's child's play. I've made German, Dutch, and American pancakes and recently got into the business of crepes. But, I usually plop some banana and nutella in mine and call it a day. Why screw with perfection? But, when I am hungry and it is midday, and coming from a event that had enough pastries and sticky buns to give the FDA a heart attack, I went for savory.

Prosciutto, cheese, basil, cappicola, and some other "S" word meat that was thinly sliced. It was the best midday meal since the day before with the brisket. This particular one came from Crepeaway, a supposed DC staple.  It has lots of awards, the Prez. goes there, and with exhaustive lists of savory and sweet, plus those beautiful flat plates and little crepe-stick things, these guys know what is going on.

See, even though last week's blog was written a little late, and there is a very small gap in between, I am not messing around here. If you don't eat well, then hell, why even exist? And with so many trucks everywhere, one is never far from something delicious and funky. I love it, and I look forward to be munching on truck food for many more lunches to come.

The other day was quite interesting, it stormed and almost every piece of trash, sign, and untethered thing was flying about the air. 80mph gusts with constant lightning strikes for about an hour and a half made up our Friday night. Looking outside, and living adjacent to a humongous construction site that has a cement hole dug about 50 feet into the earth was kind of funny. All we could hear in our apartment was the sound of construction materials, signs, and metal barrels plummeting to their demise. And it was very reassuring that the huge crane just so happened to be right over our window, and watching it sway in the wind just sent shivers of reassurance and hope that the people who put that thing up didn't come drunk to work. Apparently they were quite sober, or at least accurate drunks, because I am still alive and our building made it through unscathed. Of course, my favorite part of the entire night was hearing and watching those poor souls who decided to go out on the town with an imminent "severe thunderstorm warning.....80mph gusts expected" en route. Listening to their screams of trying to fitfully fight Mother Nature was great. I guess between getting hit with the pelting rain and dodging bottles, signs, and god knows what else that the winds can pick up in DC will make you learn to at least look at the radar before you go out.

[Below: Me having a Success! Moment briefly after that above picture......then, the huge tree in Georgetown that decided to take a nap on a little blue BMW.]

7/2/2012 12:09:52

Nice pics :p And I must say you have portrayed the atmosphere of businessmen/women, the park, tourists, food trucks, and homeless people really well!


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