Let me just say I ran around 18 miles today, give or take this or that. And let me also say that people need to learn how to WALK ON SIDEWALKS WITHOUT TAKING UP THE ENTIRE 8 FEET OF CONCRETE. I mean, I know America is going through a health crisis and sidewalks were meant for lesser, more meager people, but please, stick to one side of the sidewalk and don't swing your grocery bag like school just let out.

Now that I have properly vented, which is probably just the runners high that I am still on, I must say that it has been quite the week in DC. I have learned that wearing a suit in over 100 degree weather will quickly put hair on your chest, and that Whole Foods does not clearly distinguish between bagged coffee that is either "pre-ground" or "haha, we made it feel like it was ground, but what you really paid $13 for were beans, and you don't even have a coffee grinder." Did I go caveman and just plop those beans in a plastic bag and smash them with a saucepan? You bet. Did I do it at 8am on a Monday? You bet your lucky stars I did. Did it work? Well, lets just say that I might as well go to Starbucks all week because it would be cheaper than my homemade concoction. Somehow locally sourced Maryland coffee bean guys:  1  ;   Aaron:  .5  (just because no one else would of smashed those suckers with a saucepan.)

Let see, what happened this week, oh yea, it was the most glorious week of the year. When a certain man who is the author of this Oranje Blog was born. A yearly ceremonial procession of all things me. So, we went out to a little place called Busboys & Poets. It was a trendy spot, all sorts of hipster vibes (not necessarily a good thing, but it was pretty toned down and no outward hipsters around to ruin a decent time). Good down home cooking. That is what they have here. For starters we got some good old sweet potato fries, a staple of my college diet, and a wonderful plate of plum sauce covered coconut fried tofu. It tasted like what a vegan might think bacon tastes like, heaven. Nice for an appetizer, but Aaron likes real food. So, I decided on the shrimp and basil grit cake. As you can see above, it came in a red sauce, covered with asparagus and, as a friend said, "he gets silent when he likes what he's eating." Indeed I was quite quiet during this meal. Now after this, and my phone losing battery life and not being able to take any more pics, my bday group went to one of two breweries in DC, Capitol City Brewing. It was crowded, it was hectic, but the Kolsch and Bourben Barrel Aged Stout were soooo worth the hassle. The Kolsch was nice and light, though still missing that essential Koln taste (awwww I can taste that city now.....  :(  ). {Mark this---First emoticon used in this blogging apparatus}. The Stout was heavy, and it smelled like coffee liquor. But my oh my it had a dry coffee taste (something, because of Whole Foods, I am lacking right now) with the strong overtones of chocolate and whiskey. Anything aged in bourbon barrels is going to be good, hell someone should try pickles....

Outside of work I can say I have been partaking in a pretty high-standard of living. I peruse the markets on the weekend (or should I say, EAT my way through markets...this week- Rugelach and Indirolls from Eastern Market, both = success). I do a lot of lounging, whether this is what real people do in the real world, I am not sure, but at least I am doing it outside, and getting a rockin' tan and reading like a fiend. I can say that my time here is incomplete......I have not witnessed the glory that are the DC Food Trucks.....this will be remedied within the coming days, to be fulfilled with such elation that I won't mind roasting in a suit to do so. Showarma, cupcakes, tacos, burritos, sushi, what is one to do? I mean sampling all is just too much, and I hate carrying around cash, but "thy will of the food truck gods must be done." I will try it out, and with an almost 99.99999% confidence, I will thoroughly enjoy every waking moment of it.
Now, if I can figure out how Whole Foods works, I will be set, and the search for pre-ground coffee will commence. I like you Whole Foods, your produce is good, your buffet thing is awesome, and you provided me with the best chocolate chip muffin of my life, but please give me a break man!

Jennifer Witt
6/27/2012 22:52:14

I'm not a coffee drinker, nor have I ventured into whole foods, but don't they have a coffee grinder there in the coffee aisles. (I know Giant Eagle does.)


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